Though the traders are given an open choice to choose and pick the trading platform to make their deposit, not all the offered options are legit. There are many fake platforms that find a comfortable place in the big list, which generally goes unnoticed. In addition, one added advantage of being listed is that it stands a higher chance of being selected because the trader believes in its authenticity just because it has been listed. But in reality every option insists on taking a look at the reviews before the traders register with them which is not the case with fraudulent sites. Instead, they would somehow pull the customers to them by offering splendid offers making them blind. And the result is, they tend to lose money. One such swindled binary trading platform is the Amissio Formula. If you wonder how to recognize a fake trading platform from a real one read:

What Is The Proof That It Is Fake?


The first thing that comes to our notice about the site`s forgery is when they go out of the way to offer beyond the limits. This needs no analysis, no reviews and no certification by any watchdog. This is a very obvious point which even a new trader can easily identify if he is smart and wants to make real money. The next thing is the reviews and blogs by the traders who have traded and failed to make profits continuously. This you might think cannot be a valid reason because in trade every loss is followed by a profit and vice-versa. Nevertheless, when it comes to hoax websites, you can never see money getting deposited in your accounts in the name of profits but will only be burning them in the name of initial investments. In addition, this will for sure happen constantly, which is enough to prove that it is a fake platform. Another point to add to this is, whenever there is a new trading platform taking birth in the busy trading market, the watchdogs will first enter the scene to check their genuinity. This they do by checking the owner`s identity, his past and other personal details. When such things are exposed, it will give the true picture about the website.


All the above have been proved out and out in amissio formula. It is very sad that many people have lost their money by trading with such swindled binary options but they all stand as an example for how a trader should not be and what he is supposed to do before getting into the game. In so many articles we keep telling that there are many brokers who will help you trade legitimately. But this help will be extended to you only after you become a member and not while you make the decision of the binary option on which you will place your trade.

Beware of deceivers, stay away from scammers.